There is order in my chaos

Cleaning has never been my strongest.

I like things being clean of course, as long as it does not require me to make it happen.

This was much more easily achievable when I was living at home, and a lot of the mess I left behind was picked up on a regular basis by my mom and sister.

Since living on my own, I got to witness what happens when there is no fairy godmother (also known as mom or sister) cleaning after you.

But I still thought, you know, I was doing an ok job for someone so .. disinterested in keeping a polished order. But it took one (thorough) visit from my sister to realize, boy, was I wrong.

In two days, she had cleaned (thank you) and re-organized (no thank you) my room and closet and drawers.

I don’t mind the cleaning. Yes, I realize my place is dusty (but to my defense, I had just gotten back from Korea). So I appreciate that she took the time dusting and sweeping the place while I was in lab, working.

However, I do protest the re-organizing.

My sister insists that those two go hand in hand, but I disagree.

Not exactly disagree… no. Rather, I contest her definition of ‘organization’.


There was a reason some of the things were on the floor.

(…There was no reason whatsoever why some other things were on the floor, for example, my protein bar… , but that’s another story…)

There was a reason my accessories were on my desk, not on the bookcase.

There was no real reason why some scarves are in one drawer, and the rest in another, but it didn’t hurt anyone and I liked it that way.

I also always knew where the important things were. Granted, there’s always a panicked minute or two before actually finding the things I am looking for, but ah, the rush of relief that comes right after that is so thrilling…

See, I believe that organization is a personal choice, and a personal style. There is no need to force those poor inanimate objects to be part of one arbitrarily defined category. A scarf, for example, does not need to be defined as ‘grey’ or as ‘polka dotted’. What if it wants to be both grey and polka dotted?

My point is ,there is no advantage in finding a strict order when cleaning. No need for color coding, no need for re-labeling.

I understand that my life would be much easier and probably sanitary if I could make cleaning a regular and obvious part of my daily life.

However, as long as I can find my shit, my shit stays where I put my shit in the first place.



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